Hen Party

Hen Party


CONGRATULATIONS! You’re tasked with planning a Hen Party like no other!

With this private sewing session you get to learn how to sew and decorate/make an item of the groups choosing.

Examples of Hen Party themes:

  • Customise your own knickers
    Party goers will learn how to customise their own knickers. Get cheeky with the girls using beading, bows and bling supplied by us to customize and give your knickers a new sexy lease on life. It’s a fantastic way to kick off the festivities and it will definitely get everyone in the mood to hit the town.

  • Make your own garter
    Each of the hens will be shown how to make their own garter by Zoë. This activity is a great way to get the day started. Using material supplied have a laugh with the girls creating your personalised garter. Customise yours using sequins, beading and more. Make the bride her something new for her special day or have a laugh and get all the girls to wear them out on the town!

  • Pom Pom Crown
    Guests will design and make a variety of yarn pom poms over drinks in good company. This activity leaves every hen with a new accessory for the night ahead. Throughout the class party goers will be shown the basics of how to make pom poms and arrange them into a gorgeous hair crown.

Materials are included for these classes and once you book your class, Zoë will be in contact to design your special event with you.

Your Hen Party will be fun and memorable, unique like no other. Choose to be nice or naughty, it’s up to you! Everyone will learn a lifelong skill in a forgettable way. Best of all, all parties are designed specially for the bride in mind so together we can collaborate to make sure the theme, music and even extras are perfect!


Please provide us with further information regarding your party to help Zoë better design your event with you. Price indicated is a non-refundable deposit to book the event and a final quote will be given once further details are finalised. Zoë will also travel to the hen party destination and prices vary depending on distance.

Got more questions before booking a deposit? Drop Zoë a line at zoe@zoecarol.com

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